Upgrade to Discount Domains Mail

On the 13th August we launched our new Discount Domains Mail solution with advanced features and premium security protection. Customers who already had an active Discount Domains POP email service can upgrade at no cost, however, there are a number of steps to follow to enable the seamless continuation of email services. Please ensure that you follow all of the steps below to ensure continuity of services and minimum impact to users during your upgrade:

  1. Preparation for upgrading to Discount Domains Mail
  2. Contact our support team
  3. Resetting mailbox passwords
  4. New POP/IMAP/Email client settings
  5. Updating MX records
  6. New webmail link
  7. Important Deadline

Preparation for upgrading to Discount Domains Mail

A) In preparation, and to ensure a trouble free migration, your mail administrator will need to login to the Discount Domains Customer Portal and review the user names currently assigned to your mailboxes and aliases to ensure all names are unique, by following these steps:

  1. Go to My Domains
  2. Then click Manage email
  3. And review both the Mailboxes and Aliases tabs

If any of your aliases match the names on your mailboxes you will need to amend one of the names to make it unique. Duplicate names will prevent us from completing the upgrade.

B) We also recommend that your mail users have POP/IMAP downloaded their latest mail to their email client and stored it locally, because we won't be transferring any mail between systems.

C) It is a good idea to take note of your old credentials, as the old email system will still be accessible at mail.discountdomains.co.nz until 31st January 2015.

Switch Services

Once you have completed the three steps outlined above, please contact our support team who will cancel your existing POP service and transfer your email user details to create a fresh new basic Discount Domains Mail solution with 1GB of shared storage and 1000 SMTP messages per month/mailbox.

Please note that we DO NOT transfer any mail, only the names of the mailboxes.

Resetting mailbox passwords

Passwords on all mailboxes will need to be reset by your mail administrator by signing into the Discount Domains Customer Portal and following these steps:

  1. Go to My Domains
  2. Then click Manage email
  3. For each email user, insert a new password, click Confirm Changes
  4. Let your email users know their new passwords

Resetting POP/IMAP/Email client settings

Each user will need to update the POP or IMAP settings in their email clients or smartphones to enable synchronise with the new mail server. The new settings are detailed below:

POP3 & IMAP Incoming Mail Server
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)

Updating MX records

There may be a few hours down time after the transfer while the changes propagate through the system, however, any mail received during that period will appear in user mailboxes as soon as the propagation is complete.

New Webmail Link

Email users will access their new Discount Domains Mail account online at new location http://email.discountdomains.co.nz. Sign in using their email address and the ‘new’ password.

If you need to access your old emails stored in your POP account, you can do so by logging into your old webmail login at mail.discountdomains.co.nz until 31st January 2015


Please complete your upgrade steps before 31st January 2015.

Any accounts that have not been upgraded by the 31st January 2015 will be automatically scheduled to 'Switch Services' on a pre-assigned date in February. After we have switched your service over, your users will still need to carry out the steps above in order to receive new mail via POP or IMAP.

We recommend that you upgrade to the new Discount Domains Mail service before 31st January 2015.

Should you have any questions or require assistance, please contact our support team.