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If you manage multiple domains then our reseller program provides you with beneficial pricing and an Application Programming Interface (API) to more easily manage your portfolio of domains.


If you are already a DiscountDomains customer with more than 50 domains in your portfolio then you are already benefiting from our volume pricing.

If you are not a current DiscountDomains customer, then to join and take advantage of our volume pricing, first create an account. Then either start registering domains, or transfer domains from your existing registrar. Details on how to transfer domains can be found here.


For .nz and .com domains, pricing is as follows:

Domains NZ$ per year (excluding GST)
1 - 50 $27.95
51 - 100 $25.95
101 - 500 $23.95
501 - 1000 $21.95
1001 + $19.50


Use the API to automate your domain management.

DiscountDomains now offers all customers the functionality of automating the management of their domain name portfolio through the use of our new API.

All domains registered using the API can also be managed from your DiscountDomains customer profile.

This will be extended in the future to include the management of domain names.

There are no additional costs with using the API, and it will enable new and existing resellers of domain names through to easily integrate search, registration and ongoing management functionality into their own sites.

We have API documentation available in standard JavaDoc format.

A reseller ID and key are necessary in order to use the API; these can be obtained by contacting Any questions regarding using the API should also be directed to this address.

DiscountDomains is a .nz authorised Registrar
and a division of Digiweb New Zealand Limited.

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